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With over 35 years experience in professional sports game presentation, we have provided custom software solutions for professional sports teams and arenas around North America.  Whether it’s a specialized social media feed display, custom triggering of display systems or tailor-made, dynamic graphics for digital signage, we have provided numerous installs of custom-tailored software at a fraction of the cost of the original vendors.

We have done some pretty eclectic stuff, either “MacGyver-ing” a legacy system to do something new, or interfacing to a recently-installed display system.  In all cases, we bring our expertise to bear.  We are proud of our accomplishments that we have brought to our numerous satisfied clients – many who would otherwise have a mega-buck system that simply could not do all the things they wanted it to do.

Through all our experiences, we learned what it takes to make something great.

We are now refocusing our team to develop solely for macOS and iOS to bring you a truly ground-breaking system, eclipsing anything in that market space to date.  There will be no legacy codebase, no legacy operating systems, no legacy user interface, and – most importantly – no legacy support concerns.  A clean slate.

Once that product is released, it will be featured here. Stay tuned.  We’re getting close.

Made on a Mac

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